Chocolate Pecan Pie

Texas Chocolate Pecan pie

Texas Style Chocolate Pecan Pie

Texas proclaimed pecan pie its official dessert in 2013. One would say that is only fair since the pecan tree is Texas’ official tree and the pecan is Texas’ official nut.

Our hand-made chocolate pecan pies are bursting with chocolate and pecan flavor. The pastry pie crust has a savory side and a kick of saltiness to contrast the sweetness of the nutty chocolate mixture.

Pie price: €11,98 each



Each Chocolate Pecan Pie is 17cm diameter deep dish. Serves 6 slices


Boxed (Free) – Pie is baked in a metal pie tin and packaged in a white bakery box.


Covered at room temperature: 2-3 days
Covered and refrigerated: 5 days
Covered and frozen: 2 months.

perfect pie crust
toasted pecans
bake pie
pecan pie with one slice missing