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Flavors: Chocolate chip, Rainbow, Peanut butter and Oatmeal raisin

With COVID-19 times, planning a school birthday party is hard. We make it easy with Cookie Good bags. Order our cookies and have them individually wrapped/sealed in a plastic cookie bag. We will put them in a box and make them easy to bring to school to hand out.  Choose a mix of our large, soft, delicious, melt in your mouth (echte) American cookies. We use premium quality Belgium chocolate chips, real M&M’s, oats, raisins and fresh chopped peanuts. Enjoy the most popular cookies from America. We bake them fresh just for your event or special order. Order your cookies today.

* Please allow us at least 48 business hours to prepare your order for shipment and a timely delivery.


Each cookie weighs a minimum of 60+g/2o+oz each. Chocolate chip cookies are topped with extra chocolate chips. M&M cookies are topped with extra M&M’s. Peanut butter cookies are topped with extra peanuts.


Boxed (Free) – Cookies are packaged in a white bakery box.
Party Tray €1,00 – Cookies are placed on a tin party tray platter, wrapped in clear plastic with colorful ribbons.
Individually wrapped €,35 each – Each cookie will be placed in its own sealed clear plastic cookie bag.

NOTE: Please request this option when placing your cookie order.


Covered at room temperature: 2-3 days
Covered and refrigerated: 5-7 days
Covered and frozen: 6-8 months.

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